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Salma Regragui (vocal) and Hennes Holz (guitar) are two musicians who are working together since 2006. Their work includes jazz, folk and classical influences; mixing them up to get a very own sound and style. John Dowland Duo is the latest project they are working on and it has become the most exciting one.

Salma Regragui says:“ The first thing that really impressed me about John Dowland’s work is the complexity, diversity and yet perfect harmony between the melody to sing and the instrumental part. It’s so amazing to sing with such chords, breaks and changes. It feels in a way like jazz you’ve never heard before! The second thing are the lyrics. I love the poetry of this songs, it is a real gift for every singer to express thoughts and emotions.“

Hennes Holz adds:“ I know the work of John Dowland for about 30 years. I love playing his lute works and I always wanted to work on his Book of Ayres. To have the opportunity to do this now is very interesting for me because I can put all the musical influences and experiences I have, from Gypsy Music to Jimi Hendrix, from Renaissance to Avantgarde, into the interpretation of John Dowland’s work. For me it is a way of giving the songs a new life. It’s like a bridge between the early 17th century and today. Actually when you compare the way people felt at that time and the spirit of today, it’s quite the same.
As John Donne wrote in his poem The First Anniversary 1621:

That is not so far away. So let us start the show!


Salma Regragui is a natural born singer. She was born in Morocco and the local traditional music imprinted her voice and the interpretation of any kind of music. 1996 she came to Germany.
She studied visual arts and performed with different bands. Her professional career started 2006. Since then she worked as a singer in many theater plays and on her own productions.


Hennes Holz is a guitar player, composer, arranger and music director. He worked for WDR, SWR, Radio Independent Thessaloniki, Staatsoper Stuttgart, Kampnagel Hamburg; with Heinz-Klaus Metzger’s and Rainer Riehn’s „musica negativa“.
He wrote essays on Joseph Haydn and J.S.Bach for Musik-Konzepte. As a music director he realized music for more than 70 theater plays. Since 2007 he is focussed on solo-recitals and the John Dowland Duo.

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